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  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • Works On All Mobile Devices
  • Social Media Integration
  • QR Code Provided For Each Mobile Website

QRMobilize helps build your mobile website in just minutes! Using our FREE easy-to-use mobile website builder just add your logo, details, social media and contact details and connect with the mobile world.

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Mobile Website Builder Admin Interface

QRMobilize's Features

  • Upload Your Own Image

    Do you have your own logo or photo you would like to use? Simply upload your image using our quick image uploader. Don't worry about the size, we will properly size it for all mobile devices for you!
  • Theme Your Mobile Site

    Pick from a varity of backgrounds. We have many great textures for you to use. Pick which one best fits your site.
  • Business and Personal Use

    QRMobilize makes it easy to create a mobile website for both business and personal use.
  • Multiple Mobile Sites

    Need more than one site? We allow you to create mutliple mobile websites within one account. Create one for your business and one for yourself.
  • Works On Any Smartphone

    With QRMObilize, you can rest assured that your mobile site will load on all smartphone platforms. Your site is created using the latest HTML5 and mobile JQuery technology.
  • Custom QR Code

    QRMobilize's mobile webiste builder will provide you with a high resolution QR code to use for promoting your new mobile site.
  • Multiple Social Media Accounts

    Use more than just Facebook and Twitter? We got you covered. In addition to those two social networks, we offer support for LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube and Pinterest.

Make Your Website Mobile in Just Minutes with Our Simple Mobile Website Builder!

No need to bother your IT Staff. No need to seek out professional mobile website designers. No need to spend hours trying to figure out some clunky hard-to-use software. QRMobilize makes it easy to make a FREE mobile website for you or your business in 3 simple steps:

Sign Up and Log In

Sign up is simple, free and only takes a minute. Provide us your email, a password and what URL you would like to use. QRMobilize will instantly create your account and bring you to step 2, designing and building your mobile website.

Design and Build Your Site

Our simple to use mobile website builder will walk you through the steps of creating your mobile landing page. Upload your logo, add a few details, connect your social media accounts, add some contact information and save. Your new mobile website is now online and ready to be promoted to the world!

Promote Your Mobile Website

QRMobilize will provide you with the tools you need to promote your mobile website. Our system will generate a downloadable QR code that you can place on any promotional material. When someone scans your QR code, they are taken directly to your mobile landing page.

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Use Your Mobile Site For:

  • QR Code Business Cards

    Create a free QR code landing page for your business card with QRMobilize.
  • Signs and Promotional Print

    Place your QR code or QRMobilize URL on a sign or promotional print materials to drive mobile users to a mobile friendly website.
  • Trade shows and Conferences

    Promote yourself or or your company at your next trade show or conference.
  • Mobilize Your Website

    Use QRMobilize to create a mobile version of your website to push your mobile visitors to.

Do I Need A Mobile Website or QR Code Landing Page?

The simple answer is yes, and here is why:

A standard website is optimized for large computer screens, not for mobile devices. When viewed on a mobile device, these websites are scaled down and difficult to read. Website navigation may not function the same on a mobile device, making pages hard or impossible to find. These websites may also contain elements that do not work correctly with all mobile devices, such as Flash.

With QRMobilize, you can build a free mobile website or QR code landing page that is optimized for all mobile devices. QRMobilize uses the latest technology to ensure that your site is mobile friendly, such as, jQuery Mobile and HTML5. QRMobilize uses the latest in cloud computing technology to ensure that your site will load quickly for your mobile visitors.

Let QRMobilize help "mobilize" your website today! Our simple and free mobile website builder will walk you the creation of your first mobile friendly website to use at trade shows and conferences, promotional print materials or on a QR code business card. Sign up free today!